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The Vance Center's Women in the Profession Program seeks to increase the representation of women in the legal profession across the Americas. In recent years, the Vance Center has worked with local partners to organize WIP conferences in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay. At these conferences, partners and associates at large and small firms, inhouse lawyers, government lawyers, and members of the judiciary have shared ideas about ways of promoting diversity in the legal profession. Senior women lawyers from across the hemisphere have participated in each conference. The conferences have led to a new understanding of the importance of diversity in the legal profession and to exciting new initiatives to promote the hiring, retention, and promotion of women lawyers. In some cases, the Vance Center has learned, the conferences gave women lawyers their first opportunity ever to consider their particular needs and concerns with each other across borders, generations, levels, and practice areas.

The Vance Center is committed to building an ethic and practice of global engagement among lawyers across the globe on behalf of vulnerable, disadvantaged individuals and communities. Recognizing the potential that lawyers have to contribute to social change, the Vance Center encourages lawyers who attend WIP conferences to engage in pro bono work, especially on behalf of organizations in the Americas that advance women's rights, and helps them identify opportunities for doing so.

For further information about the Vance Center's Women in the Profession Program, please contact Adriana Ospina, Director of Pro Bono Partnerships of the Vance Center, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it