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Influencing Snap Decisions By Crafting Clear Messages
By Jay Sullivan
Reprinted with the permission of the New York Law Journal

We make snap decisions. The “We” applies to everyone: to us as attorneys, to our clients, to jurors, to our colleagues. Many issues we decide on the fly should be decided that way. Fax the document or e-mail it? Delegate the assignment to a junior associate or just do it myself? Do I want fries with that?

Unfortunately, we also make snap decisions about important matters. “Which client’s work is a priority?” “Is Jack the best associate for this assignment?” “Guilty or not guilty?” We make snap decisions because we have so many things to decide in a given day. Since everyone makes snap decisions, we each have a better chance of influencing others if we have clear, strong messages that can be easily understood. Honing your message therefore becomes crucial to your success. More

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Q: What is the best way to begin a transition into a different practice field? I am hoping to learn more about opportunities in a different area of the law than my current practice, and hope to transition out of this practice so that I can be better engaged with my work.

A: First, ask yourself why your current work isn’t engaging you. What don’t you like about your practice (and what do you like)? If you switched to a different practice area, would you be able to avoid the things you dislike about your current work? Would a new practice area allow you to fully utilize your skill set? Sometimes lawyers are unhappy and believe the problem lies with their practice area, but the problem is really their work environment: they are dealing with difficult co-workers or supervisors, not getting interesting assignments, or working unpredictable hours. If you like the substantive law and skills used in your area of practice, you may just need to change your environment (e.g., ask to work with other supervisors, seek out different types of cases or transactions, or consider changing employers). More