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The Art of Communication
Persuasion Through Storytelling
By Jay Sullivan

Reprinted with the permission of the New York Law Journal

As lawyers, we routinely need to persuade others. We need them to hire us, to find in favor of our clients, to work for us, to promote us to partner. In order to persuade others we must tell engaging stories about how we can help them.

We don’t sell widgets. We don’t have something we can hold up and say, “This is what I’m talking about.” We sell concepts, and most people cannot learn a concept in the abstract. We can only process an idea by its impact on reality. More...

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Q: How do I make a comeback from a bad evaluation?

A: Receiving negative feedback in the workplace can be very difficult, but when negative feedback comes in the collective form of an overall “bad” evaluation it can be devastating to one’s professional ego and sense of mastery. That being said—there is life and career after what you call a “bad” evaluation if you can identify and find some constructive lessons that you can use in the future First, it is helpful to reframe the term “bad evaluation” by really understanding its purpose and message. This might be hard initially—but at some point ask yourself how much of the evaluation was on target and how much was unfair? More...