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The Art of Communication: Conveying Effective Feedback
By Jay Sullivan

Reprinted with the permission of the New York Law Journal

As an associate, I was once in a colleague's office when a clearly annoyed partner walked in. He threw a letter on my colleague's desk, a junior associate, and asked, "What's wrong with this?" The junior associate stared blankly at the document, trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong. Had he left out some important information? Was it addressed to the wrong person? Was the caption wrong? The font
? More...

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Q: I am trying to find a job in copyright and trademark for this summer; hopefully one that will also be a permanent job after graduation next May. What is the best way to prepare myself for this field while still in school? What are the best firms to work for- both in prestige/pay and balance?

A: To get a job in Intellectual Property, your resume must reflect this interest. The key is to make it easy on the person reviewing your resume to understand that your area of interest is indeed IP. I suggest your past job descriptions focus (only if applicable, of course) on work you've done in this area. If you don't have a background in IP, then you need to demonstrate your interest by listing your involvement in your school's IP club or other relevant activities. (If your school has no such club, then create one and be the founding member!) Nothing is less impressive than a candidate who claims interest in one area, but who has not made any effort to educate him or herself or become really involved in that area. More...