6 PM – 8 PM, Event
Innovations in Climate Adaptation: Through the Lens of Cities

6 PM – 8:15 PM, CLE

Protecting Your Client in the Current Environment: Residential Real Estate Contracts & Leases - Using, Drafting & Negotiating Riders

12:30 PM – 2 PM, CLE
SEC & FINRA Examinations of Broker-Dealers: Priorities & Hot Issues

5:45 PM, Event

Mediation Settlement Day Kick-Off Event

6 PM – 8 PM, CLE

Employment Laws Affecting LGBT Workers: Recent Developments & Best Practices

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, Event

Careers in (Soft) Intellectual Property

9 AM – 4:30 PM, CLE
Real World Document Drafting®: Form, Style & Substance

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM, CLE
The Role of Insurance Law in Bankruptcy Proceedings: A Roadmap to Preserving & Asserting Rights

6 PM – 8 PM, CLE

ERISA Regulatory Update 2013

6 PM – 8 PM, Event
Women Who Ask: How Successful Women Rainmakers Ask for and Bring in Business

7 PM – 9 PM, Event
Contemplative Lawyers Group: Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers


City Bar Backs Raising Retirement Age for Judges
The New York City Bar Association has issued a statement in support of Proposal 6 to be on the New York ballot on November 5th. The proposal would amend section 25, article 6 of the New York State Constitution to raise the mandatory retirement age to 80 for Court of Appeals judges and Supreme Court justices. “The City Bar supports Proposal 6, consistent with our longstanding position that the mandatory judicial retirement age, which was enacted in 1869, is outdated. Many individuals who reach the age of 70 have a substantial number of productive years ahead of them. Many states and the federal judiciary permit judges to serve past the age of 70, and New York should as well. The certification process is in place to determine that only those who remain competent to serve will be permitted to continue,” reads the statement. Read more.


On October 3rd, close to 200 attorneys attended the City Bar's Annual Fall Reception to kick off the
6th Annual First Thursdays Series


Over 200 recent law graduates and law students attended Boot Camp 2013 to sharpen their skills and fine-tune their job search. Day 1 wrapped up with the Practice Area Forum where attendees connected with attorneys from 15 different practice areas. Did you miss it? Search #nycbarBC13 on twitter for tips and highlights, and check the members-only section of the website soon for videos and program materials.


Money Market Funds
In a letter to the SEC, the Committee on Investment Management Regulation provided comments on SEC Release No. 33-9408, which proposed amendments to the rules that govern money market mutual funds under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Among other amendments, Release No.33-9408 proposes two alternatives which are designed to address money market funds’ susceptibility to heavy redemptions, improve their ability to manage and mitigate potential contagion from such redemptions, and increase the transparency of their risks while preserving the benefits of money market funds. The Committee urged the SEC to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of the disclosure proposals, as disclosure may involve substantial costs, and suggested that the comment period be extended to permit additional time for interested parties to consider the proposal.


New York Law Journal, October 2, 2013
City Bar Stand on Non-Lawyer Legal Assistance

Letter to the Editor, By Carey R. Dunne
"Regarding 'Nassau Bar Criticizes Enlisting Non-Lawyers to Represent Poor' (NYLJ, Sept. 30), it's true that the New York City Bar has expressed concerns about nonlawyer practitioners (including regarding competence, regulation and oversight). However, in issuing a report this past June recommending a role for nonlawyer practitioners, we found these concerns to be more than counterbalanced by the services these 'Courtroom Aides' and 'Legal Technicians' would provide. When more than 2.3 million low-income New Yorkers are left to navigate the civil justice system on their own; with The Legal Aid Society able to respond to only one out of nine requests for legal assistance due to lack of resources; and with requests for foreclosure assistance up 800 percent since the onset of the Great Recession, we must find ways to reduce this 'justice gap' in which those who have representation fare far better than those forced by circumstance to go it alone."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
, October 1, 2013

Brooklyn Prepares for Federal Government Shutdown

"Public sector attorneys, such as the Federal Defenders of New York, are already recovering from weeks of temporary unpaid leave during the government sequester earlier this year. At the time of the December 2012-January 2013 sequester, many public sector organizations spoke out about the damaging effects of severe budget cuts. Carey Dunne, president of the New York City Bar Association, noted that the 'cuts to legal services funding that would result from sequestration would make life even more difficult for those who cannot obtain legal assistance to meet basic human needs...[t]he result will be more harm to families and children and more, not less, reliance on the government-funded safety net.'"

Gotham Gazette
, October 1, 2013

How Old Is Too Old To Judge In NY? Voters Will Decide

"The age limit for certain judges could soon be lifted by a decade. Voters will be asked to decide in a referendum on Nov. 5 whether to extend the age limit for state judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals to 80. The ballot proposal is among the most contentious in a list of six questions on the ballot this year….Currently no major group in the state has come out against the measure. The State Bar plans to abstain from weighing in, while the City Bar is expected to announce its position in the next few weeks."

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