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This Week at the City Bar
9 AM – 5 PM,
Basic Mediation Training: Conflict Resolution Theory and Techniques

6 PM – 8 PM,
Successful Art Succession: Estate Planning and Practical Issues for Collectors

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM,
Careers in Financial Services

7 PM – 8:30 PM,
The Federal Death Penalty in New York

6 PM – 8:45 PM,
The Patent Reform Act (and Other Developments): Implications for Your Patent Practice

6 PM – 9 PM, Event/CLE
Planning a Successful Career: 2012 Professional Development Workshop Series

7 PM – 9 PM, Event
Show Up and Slow Down: Establishing a Contemplative Practice for Lawyers

9 AM – 12 PM,
Enforcing Money Claims Pre- & Post Judgment: How to Really Win Your Case
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6 PM – 8 PM,
Friday Evening Chamber Music

Around the Bar
Demystifying Judicial Screening Panels

On January 19th, a panel discussed how lawyers can serve on screening panels and why such service is critically important to the profession. From left: R. Nadine Fontaine (Moderator, at podium), Chair of the City Bar’s Minorities in the Courts Committee and President-Elect, Metropolitan Black Bar Association; Jeanine R. Johnson, County Law Chair, New York County Democratic Committee; Xavier Donaldson, Former Administrator, New York County Democratic Committee Supreme Court Screening Panel; James P. Chou, Former Administrator, Democratic Committee’s Independent Judicial Screening Panel for Civil Court and Surrogate Court positions; Manuel A. Romero, Member, Governor’s Second Department Judicial Screening Committee; Stephen P. Younger, Counsel, New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination; Hon. Zachary W. Carter, Chairman, New York City Mayor’s Committee on the Judiciary; Elizabeth Donoghue, Chair, City Bar’s Judiciary Committee

Committee Seeking Members
The Women in the Courts Task Force has worked to address issues impacting women as advocates and women as litigants. The Task Force has also done substantial work in the area of language access in the courts. The Task Force will be holding an informal meeting at M Bar (12 West 44th Street) from 6–8 PM on February 15th as a way to introduce potential members to current Task Force members and further discuss the type of work the Task Force does. For more details, to RSVP and/or to apply to be a member on the Task Force please contact the Chair, Reema Abdelhamid, at 212-336-4198 or

City Bar in the News
New York Journal, January 19, 2012

Report Finds Budget Cuts Result in ‘Substantial Harm’ to Courts
Budget cuts imposed on New York’s state’s Judiciary in 2011 have been “substantially harmful and far-reaching” to the operations of the courts, the New York State Bar Association concluded in a report released Jan. 18…Vincent E. Doyle III, the president of the state bar.…expects his organization and other bar groups, such as the New York City Bar and the New York County Lawyers’ Association, to be more aggressive this year in promoting the next state court budget than in the previous few years…The state bar’s conclusions mirror the findings of a shorter New York City Bar report that found the operations of the state courts have suffered from the 2011 cutbacks.

Salon, January 19, 2012

Guantanamo’s System of Injustice
Column by Laura Pitter
Speaking to the New York City bar association on January 11, [Brig. Gen.] Martins said the military commissions were “comparable to federal courts in their incorporation of all of the fundamental guarantees of a fair and just trial demanded by our values.” Indeed, a new masthead on the military commission website, put up after Martins took over, reads: “Fairness, Transparency, Justice.” Yet this week, behind thick bulletproof glass in a secure hangar-like courtroom at Guantanamo, I saw vast differences between the two systems.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 17, 2012

Barry Kamins: The Brooklyn Eagle Chronicles the Judge's Illustrious Career as Prosecutor, Professor, Defense Attorney, Bar President and Jurist
Kamins was the first Brooklyn attorney to serve as president of the New York City Bar Association.…“Those who seem to be surprised that he was able to move into the AJ [administrative judge] position and serve very well fail to recognize the incredible job he did as City Bar president,” Kings County District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes said. “For two years, he served as CEO of probably the most respected bar association in the country, and he handled that job effortlessly – so I wasn’t at all surprised [by his performance as AJ].” Kamins said that being president of the New York City Bar, which now has 23,000 members and is the nation’s premiere local bar association, certainly assisted him in taking on his administrative duties.

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