Monday, January 10, 2011
This Week at the City Bar
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This Week at the City Bar
6 PM – 8:45 PM, CLE
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Real Estate: What Every Attorney Must Know When Handling a Transaction

6:30 PM, Event

My First Simple Will

6 PM, Event
Supreme Court Update

6 PM 9 PM, CLE
An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Dodd-Frank Act: Its Impact on Bankruptcy, Securities and Criminal Law

6 PM 9 PM, CLE
The Impact of Health Care Reform on Employers & Employees in 2011: A Guide for the Practitioner

12:30 PM – 2 PM, Event
Effective Technology for the Small Law Firm: Cloud Computing Small Law Firm Luncheon

6 PM – 8:30 PM, CLE
Immigration Law in the Workplace: The Current Compliance Landscape
(Co-sponsored with AILA)

9 AM – 12 PM, CLE
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Entities: Practical Knowledge for Junior Transactional Lawyers

8 PM, Event
“The Last Lafayette,” a Comedy with Music

Around the Bar
150 College Students and Recent Graduates Attend City Bar LSAT Prep Series

The two-day workshop designed to prepare students for the LSAT and law school applications was cosponsored by a dozen leading LSAT Prep companies, and provided three hours of classroom LSAT Prep, as well as panels on Selecting and Applying to Law School, Financing Law School, and Expectations and How to Succeed. The program culminated with a networking fair, where admissions representatives from 14 regional law schools answered students・ questions and provided materials on their programs. Participating prep companies each donated a full-length course to students in the audience, and over 20 sets of books were donated as well.

Recent Committee Activity
Reviewing New York City's Energy Plan

Every four years, New York City is required by law to update PlaNYC 2030, the City・s long-term planning and sustainability program. In a report to the Mayor・s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, the Committee on Environmental Law offers comments on a number of aspects of the plan and makes recommendations in the areas of housing, open space, water quality, transportation, energy, air quality and waste management.

Scope of NYC Conflict of Interest Board Authority
The Committee on Government Ethics submitted an amicus brief in Rosenblum v. NYC Conflicts of Interest Board. Filed with the New York State Court of Appeals, the brief argued that the Court should not interpret the word “discipline” in Education Law  ̄ 3020 to encompass the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board・s imposition of a fine against a tenured education employee and that there is no historical evidence that addition of the word “discipline” in the statute was understood to reach beyond the educational employment context. Rather, the brief argues, the fine that Conflicts of Interest Board imposes for violation of the New York City Conflicts of Interest Law results from what is arguably a disciplinary proceeding and is imposed wholly outside of the educational employment context.

2011-2012 Judiciary Budget
In a report to the New York State Legislature, the Council on Judicial Administration urges the adoptions of the 2011-2012 Judiciary Budget Request in its entirety as it allocates the resources necessary for the Judiciary to fulfill its constitutional duty to afford meaningful access to justice to the increasing numbers of litigants appearing in courthouses across New York State, while reducing costs where possible to help address the State's current fiscal crisis. The report also stresses Chief Judge Lippman・s access to justice initiative, which is reflected in the Judiciary Budget as a $25 million proposed increase in funding for civil legal services.

City Bar in the News
New York Law Journal, December 29, 2010
Judge in Dispute With Queens D.A. Is Reappointed by Bloomberg
“Criminal Court Judge Joel L. Blumenfeld, who is in the midst of a legal battle with Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, has been reappointed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to a new full 10-year term….By executive order, Mr. Bloomberg could not have re-appointed Judge Blumenfeld unless he had been approved by the mayor・s 19-member advisory committee and the New York City Bar.”

City Limits, December 27, 2010
New Year's Resolution For NYC: Get A Strategy For Growth
“The Buildings Department had made great strides, yet developers continue to complain of unnecessary red tape. Delays and uncertainty in the process for new zoning has resulted in increasing resort to community benefit agreements, a process fraught with potential for corruption and distortion of the decision-making process, according to a report by the New York City Bar Association, while neighborhoods complain that the existing ULURP process does not sufficiently hear them.”

New York Observer, December 21, 2010
Wall Street's New Eliot Ness
“He was speaking literally. ‘Some have asked, “Why use court-authorized wiretaps in insider-trading cases?”’ he [Preet Bharara] told defense attorneys at a speech this October to the New York City Bar Association. ‘It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that it would be helpful to have the actual recording of the communication.’ He has a good ear for adjectives: He called insider trading unfair, unlawful, rampant and offensive. ‘We will use every aggressive and innovative method available,’ he said. ‘It・s as much about telling the world, “We・re doing something,” as making the individual case,’ said the bar・s president, Samuel W. Seymour, who worked for the Southern District from 1988 to 1991, and is now a partner at Sullivan and Cromwell, the white-shoe firm that・s long worked with Goldman Sachs. ‘It・s making people stop and think. That's clearly his real goal. That's why he made the speech, right?’”

Openings in the City Bar American Inn of Court
The New York American Inn of Court, sponsored by the New York City Bar Association, is one of four chapters of the American Inns of Court in New York City. The American Inns of Court were founded by a small group of judges and lawyers in the mid-1980・s at the urging and under the direction of then Chief Justice Warren Burger and the Judicial Conference of the United States.

Loosely modeled on the English Inns of Court, the mission of the American Inns of Court is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility, and legal skills. The Inns build camaraderie and professional relationships and promote bench-bar relations by allowing judges and lawyers to gather in an informal setting. Additionally, they provide an excellent vehicle for mentoring younger lawyers V an activity critical to the profession which we all recognize has diminished with the increased demands on lawyers・ time and the growing focus on law firm profitability.

Like its sister Inns, the New York American Inn of Court brings together a broad cross-section of the litigation community in an informal, intimate setting in which ideas and issues relevant to our profession both locally and nationally are discussed. Membership is limited and offered only to individuals who share the ideals of the American Inns of Court and are committed to participating in the organization.

The New York American Inn of Court runs on a calendar year. Meetings begin with a cocktail hour at 5:30 p.m., followed by a 1.5 hour substantive program and discussion, for which CLE credits are given. Each program is presented by one of the eight teams into which the membership is divided. Each team has a cross-section of the New York bar, including judges and practitioners, at all levels of practice. Meetings end at approximately 8:00, and teams are encouraged to dine together afterwards.

Members are asked to attend at least four of the eight meetings and to commit to active participation in one CLE program.

For 2011, the Inn is actively seeking new members in the following categories: Barristers (5-15 years of experience), Associates (fewer than five years), and Pupils (3rd year law students). If you are interested in being considered for membership, please complete the application form found at Information on Inn dues is also provided at that site.

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