Legislation & Politics

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Motion for Senate Committee Consideration

While Albany finds itself embroiled in a deadlock over the State budget, a number of Senators were able to quietly advance pieces of legislation by taking advantage of a new procedural rule that allows sponsors to move their bills onto a committee agenda on their own initiative.  Facing a May 1st deadline to utilize the new procedure, starting on Friday, April 30th, Senators advanced 190 bills by filing motions for committee consideration.  Committee chairs now have 45 days from the date of filing to place those bills on their respective committee agendas.


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Legislative Round-up

With June—the last and most active month of the legislative session in Albany—fast approaching, the Legislative Affairs Department continues to advocate on behalf of the City Bar’s committees.  While budget negotiations continue to loom large, we expect a push in the upcoming weeks as legislators try to steer their bills to passage.



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