Get Your Own Career Counselor

February 2010

Talking through problems is often the best way to find solutions, especially if it’s with a professional with experience in guidance and counseling. That’s why the City Bar is now offering one-on-one career counseling services through its Career Counseling Referral Service. 

Members can schedule a session with an experienced career counselor who can walk lawyers through issues relating to professional performance and professional development. 

This first session is only $100 for an hour, a fraction of the cost for non-members and others. 

We can’t find a job for you – only you can do that.  But if you’re having trouble at work, or need help finding some direction, an hour with a professional might just do the trick.

To sign up, fill out the counselor referral request form here

The City Bar offers a range of career advancement services all year round.  Check out our Career Advancement page here.

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