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My City Bar: The Library

April 2010

44th Street Notes caught up with members using the City Bar’s library, one of the largest private law libraries in the nation.  We asked them why they were here, and whether they would recommend the library to others:

Daniel Schlein

Daniel Schlein

“I was here earlier today for a committee meeting—I’m on the Labor and Employment Law Committee—and when I’m here for meetings I use the library,” said Daniel Schlein, who specializes in labor and employment litigation.  “I use [the library] as a primary resource tool.  Lexis and Westlaw are great for case law and articles I need.  Today, I’m doing research on relationships between affiliated companies, which might be difficult to find in the databases, but we’ll see.”  A solo practitioner, Schlein mentioned that he plans to use the City Bar’s small law firm meeting area, and last year attended an event hosted by the City Bar’s Small Law Firm Center on how to set up and run a small law firm.  “Running a business isn’t something they teach you in law school,” he said.

Lola OguntundeLola Oguntunde

“I usually come her to use Lexis and the books that are available,” said Lola Oguntunde, a solo practitioner working in matrimonial, intellectual property, and immigration law from her office in Lower Manhattan.  “I just started my practice not too long ago, and I don’t necessarily have the capital to buy all the resources I need. I don’t have any staff, I work by myself, so I come here a lot at night.”





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