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Summer Intern Class of 2012

The City Bar Justice Center’s 2012 class of summer interns is wrapping up after a busy and productive summer. The Justice Center had an engaged and vibrant group of interns, each of whom worked under the supervision of a Project Director. The work varied by project, with some interns interviewing clients and others focusing on research and writing.

Highlights of the summer included three Court tours. Judge Edwina G. Richardson-Mendelson hosted the interns at the Manhattan Family Court, and Judge George B. Daniels hosted them at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The interns also observed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy hearings in Judge Sean H. Lane’s Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York.

Summer Interns

Front Row: Thomas Sharkey, Columbia University; Jessica Choi, undergraduate KALCA Intern, Wellesley College; Danielle May, Fordham University; Middle Row: Tania Khatibifar, Fordham University; Margaret O’Hora, CUNY; Susan Varghese, Hofstra University; Ana Rojas, St. John’s University; Tyler Garvey, University of California, Berkeley; Anand Sinha, Hofstra University; Back Row: John Marck, St. John’s University; Christine Park, CUNY; Allen Cifuentes, Appalachian Law School

“Something that really struck me during our visits to Family and Bankruptcy Court was the high level of compassion and patience that all of the presiding judges demonstrated when dealing with the non-attorneys before them,” said Immigrant Women and Children Project intern Margaret O’Hora. “My favorite moment was witnessing a mother be recognized for the first time as the legal parent of her son. It was something I will never forget.”

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