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Committee: State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction

Sample Preservation Letter for Documents and Electronic Records (November 2013) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Preservation of Documents and Electronic Records

Report on A.6554/S.4850 which would amend CPLR section 3103(a) to permit non-parties who are not actually served with a subpoena, but whose records are nevertheless sought by the subpoena, to seek a protective order (June 2013) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Protective Orders

Comments on proposed amendments to the Uniform Rules of the Trial Courts and the Rules of the Commercial Division which would require counsel to confer prior to the preliminary conference in cases reasonably likely to involve electronic discovery (March 2013) ( PDF format )
Subject area: E-Discovery

Comments submitted to the NYS Office of Court Administration on the Proposed Amendment to Uniform Trial Court Rule 202.70(g) (June 2012) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Expert Disclosure

Report on A.9077/S.5077 which would amend Section 3113 of the CPLR to provide that a non-party deponent's counsel may participate in the deposition and make objections on behalf of his or her client in the same manner as counsel for a party (Reissued March 2014) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Non-Party Deponents

Report on A.6835/S.4578 which would amend the CPLR to permit service upon an attorney from outside the state by regular mail and to require a stipulation be signed by the party to be served before fax service can be utilized (May 2012) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Service of Papers

Report on A.624/S.3762 which would amend the civil practice law and rules in relation to assertable defenses of a third-party defendant ( PDF format )
Subject area: Third-Party Defendants

Model Confidentiality Agreement ( PDF /Word )
Subject area: Confidentiality Agreements

Letter to Judge Pfau concerning the proposed Rule on the Preservation of Evidence (February 2011) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Evidence, Preservation of

Letter to Judge Pfau regarding Proposed Revisions to CPLR 3101(d)(1) (July 2010) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Expert Discovery

Letter to the Office of Court Administration commenting on the new Request for Judicial Intervention Form (November 2009) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Request for Judicial Intervention

Report regarding A.10503/S.7079 which would amend CPLR 3025(b) to require that a party moving to amend a pleading attach a copy of the proposed pleading showing clearly the proposed changes (January 2009) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Pleadings

Letter to Chief Administrative Judge Pfau regarding putting safeguards in place for the use of JHOs (May 2008) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Judicial Hearing Officers

Letter expressing opposition to proposed legislation (A.11715/S.8661) which would provide two new additional opportunities for review of a trial judge’s voir dire rulings September 2008 ( PDF format )
Subject area: Voir Dire

Report on A.4354/S.1544 which would eliminate the favorable exception to the collateral source rule for plaintiffs who are public employees ( PDF format )
Subject area: Collateral Sources

En Banc Review in New York Courts (March 2008) ( PDF format )
Subject area: En Banc Review

Letter to the New York State Administrative Board urging the Uniform Rules be amended to expressly include e-discovery as a subject at preliminary conferences and proposing suggested language for such an amendment ( PDF format )
Subject area: Electronic Discovery

Letter to Chief Judge Kaye commenting on the July 2006 OCA reporton the Commercial Division Focus Groups ( PDF format )
Subject area: Commercial Division

Letter to Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts, expressing concerns about Section 202.8(h) of the Uniform Civil Rules for the Supreme and County Courts which mandates that lawyers remind judges in writing when a submitted motion has not been decided within 60 days (" Rule 23"). ( PDF format )
Subject area: Uniform Civil Rules for the Supreme and County Courts

Letter providing comments on the proposed rules for justices of the commercial division ( PDF format )
Subject area: Commercial Division