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Committee: Social Welfare Law

Report on A.2669-B/S.4830 which would amend the social services law and clarify conciliation procedures and sanctions in cases when the recipient of public assistance programs refuses to comply with employment program requirements (Reissued June 2014) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Public Assistance

Letter to the HRSA noting that the narrow definition of legal services funded by the Ryan White CARE Act is depriving persons living with HIV/AIDS of crucial support services (December 2010) ( PDF format )
Subject area: AIDS/HIV

Report on A.2565/S.2664 which would cap the percentage of income payable towards shelter costs by a person with HIV or AIDS ( PDF format )
Subject area: Emergency Shelter Allowance

Report on A.2471/S.2323 which would allow for baccalaureate and advanced degree programs and certain educational and training activity to count towards the work participation rate (Reissued February 2011) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

Report regarding A.1827 which would expand the number of educational and training activities that would count toward required work participation hours for public assistance recipients (June 2009) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

Report on A.11297/S.8416 which would allow baccalaureate and advanced degree programs to count towards the work participation rate for public assistance recipients (May 2008) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

Letter to the New York State Legislature expressing support for A.9807-B which would increase the basic welfare grant for needy New Yorkers ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

Letter to Governor Spitzer highlighting issues that should be a priority of the administration ( PDF format )
Subject area: Poverty

Letter to Governor Elect Spitzer urging that New York State cease its current practice of terminating Medicaid eligibility for individuals incarcerated in state and local correctional facilities ( PDF format )
Subject area: Prisons

Letter to the NYS Legislature urging that legislation be sponsored that would add an additional energy allowance to NYS's public assistance grant ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

Letter to the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) urging OTDA to withdraw its proposal to amend section 350.4(a)(7) of 18 NYCRR which would require a family in receipt of Family Assistance ("FA") to wait a minimum of 45 days after their FA relief has expired before becoming eligible to receive Safety Net Assistance ("SNA") ( PDF format )
Subject area: Family Assistance

Report regarding A.7486/S.4349 and A.7639 which would extend and expand the New York State Food Assistance Program (FAP), which provides food assistance to hungry immigrants who are either elderly or victims of domestic violence ( PDF format )
Subject area: Food Assistance Program

Letter to Governor Pataki Regarding Welfare-Related Proposals in the Executive Budget ( PDF format )
Subject area: Welfare

New York's Failure to Comply with the "Motor/Voter" Law
Subject area: Election Law

Welfare Reform in New York City: The Measure of Success
Subject area: Welfare