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Committee: Professional Discipline

State Diversion Program Survey (December 2014) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Diversion Program

Amicus Brief Regarding Application of Collateral estoppels in Disciplinary Proceedings (December 2014) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Disciplinary Proceedings

Joint proposal of the New York State Bar Association and New York City Bar to publish redacted versions of letters of caution, admonitions and reprimands issued to attorneys (July 2013) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Letters of Caution

Letter to the NYS Unified Court System commenting on a proposed amendment to 22NYCRR § 137.1(b) which would exclude from the Fee Dispute Resolution Program any matters involving disbarred, resigned or suspended attorneys (May 2012) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Fee Dispute Resolution Program

Proposed Amendment to Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4: Regulating Lawyers’ Supervision of Undercover Investigations (June 2011) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Undercover Investigations

Letter to the Chief Administrative Judge commenting on the proposed amendment to 22 NYCRR § 118.2(b)(1) which would allow members of the New York Bar who have certified that they are "retired" to provide the Chief Administrator with either a Post Office Box address or active email address as an alternative to public disclosure of their home addresses (April 2011) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Retired Lawyers

Letter to the Chief Counsel to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department urging the Department re-adopt Letters of Caution as a non-disciplinary measure for resolving disciplinary complaints (April 2011) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Letters of Caution

Letter to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee expressing support for the reinstitution of the rule which would permit the issuance of a Letter of Caution in attorney disciplinary matters ( PDF format )
Subject area: Letters of Caution

Comments on the Proposed Ethical Considerations for Lawyer Advertising (October 2007) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Lawyer Advertising

A Proposal for Adoption of a Diversion Rule for Lesser Misconduct Related to Alcohol/Substance Abuse or Mental Health Condition ( PDF format )
Subject area: Lawyer Misconduct

Letter to the NYSBA Regarding Their Report on Multi-Jurisdictional Practice ( PDF format )
Subject area: Multi-Jurisdictional Practice