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Committee: Federal Legislation

Letter to Congress on H.R. 157, H.R. 665 and S. 160 which would extend voting rights to Representatives from the District of Columbia (August 2010) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Voting Rights

Letter to Congress regarding S 2977/HR 4556 which would terminate Department of Justice funding intended to further the prosecution of non-citizen suspected terrorists in an Article III court of the US that could potentially be prosecuted by a military commission (March 2010) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Terrorism Prosecutions

Checks and Balances: Congressional Restriction of Federal Court Jurisdiction ( PDF format )
Subject area: Jurisdiction Stripping

Letter to Congress opposing proposed Federal Consent Decree Fairness Act (S.489/HR1229) ( PDF format )
Subject area: Consent Decrees

Letter to Congress urging that the McCain Amendment which seeks to codify and preserve long-established basic standards of treatment for enemy detainees by the United States Government in times of war be included in H.R. 2863, the Fiscal Year 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Conference Report ( PDF format )
Subject area: Terrorism

Letter re: S.471, The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 ( PDF format )
Subject area: Stem Cell Research

Proposed Amendment to Federal Dilution Statute ( PDF format )
Subject area: Trademark Dilution

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Providing for the Direct Election of the President and Vice President of the United States ( PDF format )
Subject area: Electoral College

The Law of Presidential Impeachments (1974)
Subject area: Presidential Impeachment

Alternatives to Impeachment: What May Congress Do?
Subject area: Presidential Impeachment