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Offer in Compromise Regulations

Letter to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance commenting on draft amendments to the Offer in Compromise Regulations (January 2012) ( PDF format )

Offshore Accounts, Disclosure of

Letter to the IRS on the resent disqualification of taxpayers who have previously been accepted into the IRS’s Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) (May 2013) ( PDF format )

Open Source Software

Letter to the Free Software Foundation urging that given the increased use of open software in business and commercial use that the rules governing such software be clarified ( PDF format )

Orders of protection

Amicus Brief: Valdez v. City of New York (New York State Court of Appeals, July 2011) ( PDF format )
Criminal Orders of Protection in New York City (August 2008) ( PDF format )
Report expressing support for A.6060/S.6783 which would amend the Family Court Act and the Criminal Procedure Law, in relation to orders of protection and the definition of “members of the same family or household.” ( PDF format )
Report on A.8375 which would amend the Family Court Act and Criminal Procedure Law by adding certain sex offenses to enumerated family offenses (June 2009) ( PDF format )

Organ donation

A.6966/S.4488 Revised Uniform Anatomical Gifts Act (June 2009) ( PDF format )
Report expressing support for S.5154, The Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which would help to increase the supply of, and access to, organs for transplantation ( PDF format )
Report on A.10039/S.7103 (“Lauren’s Law”) which would increase the opportunities for individuals to enroll in the New York State organ donor registry (Reissued May 2012) ( PDF format )

Outsourcing Legal Support Services

Outsourcing Legal Support Services Overseas, Avoiding Aiding a Non-Lawyer in the Unauthorized Practice of Law, Supervision of Non-Lawyers, Competent Representation, Preserving Client Confidences and Secrets, Conflicts Checking, Appropriate Billing, Client Consent - Formal Ethics Opinion 2006-3
The Outsourcing of Legal Services Overseas (November 2009) ( PDF format )

Oversight of Risk Management

Letter to the New York Stock Exchange proposing a revision to the rules regarding board of director oversight of risk management (March 2013) ( PDF format )

Own Risk and Solvency Agreement

Letter to the New York Department of Financial Services on proposed regulation regarding enterprise risk management and own risk and solvency assessment (March 2014) ( PDF format )

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