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Identity Theft

Report on A.5440/S.885 which would expand the geographical jurisdiction for the offenses of identity theft, unlawful possession of personal identification information and closely related crimes (Reissued February 2011) ( PDF format )
Report recommending legislation to expand geographical jurisdiction for crimes attendant to identity theft (March 2009) ( PDF format )

Immigrant Representation

Comments on the Proposed Rule for Recognition of Organizations and Accreditation of Non-Attorney Representatives [RIN 1125-AA72; EOIR Docket No. 176] (November 2015) ( PDF format )


Letter re: City Council Resolution 0591-2004: Endorsement of Permanent Partners Immigration Act ( PDF format )
Statement in Opposition to the REAL ID Act (HR 418) ( PDF format )
The Surge of Immigration Appeals and its Impact on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ( PDF format )

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Padilla v. Kentucky: The New York City Criminal Court System, One Year Later (June 2011) ( PDF format )

Immigration Criminal Offenses

Amicus Brief: United States v. State of Alabama (U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, November 2011) ( PDF format )

Immigration Detainers

Immigration Detainers Need Not Bar Access to Jail Diversion Programs (June 2009) ( PDF format )
Letter to members of the House Judiciary Committee opposing provisions of the SAFE Act that would restrict local efforts to limit the impact of immigration detainers on criminal justice resources (June 2013) ( PDF format )
Letter to the New York City Council regarding the City’s collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) with respect to the holding of immigrant New Yorkers subject to ICE detainers (January 2013) ( PDF format )
Proposal to Limit Collaboration Between New York City Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (February 2011) ( PDF format )
Report on H.R. 2278 the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act (SAFE Act) which would expand immigration detention and further limit due process (June 2013) ( PDF format )
Report on Immigration Detainers Need Not Bar Access to Jail Diversion Programs(June 2009). ( PDF format )
Testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Immigration on Int. 982 and Int. 989 which would change the current U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer policy in New York City by limiting the Department of Correction’s and New York Police Department’s collaboration with ICE (January 2013) ( PDF format )
Testimony before the New York City Council Immigration Committee in support of legislation (Int. 0486-2014 and Int. 0487-2014) to further limit the constitutional violations arising from current detainer practices between the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Department of Correction and the New York Police Department (October 2014) ( PDF format )

Immigration Reform

Follow-up comments on additional amendments to S.744 (May 2013) ( PDF format )
Letter to Congress expressing concerns with several provisions of the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 ( PDF format )
Letter to Senators Schumer and Clinton commenting on pending legislation that would negatively affect immigrant communities ( PDF format )
Letter to Speaker Boehner and Democratic Leader Pelosi opposing the inclusion of Section 2107(d) in S.744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, which would deny Non-Citizens who legalize their immigration status Social Security credit for previously unauthorized work (March 2014 ( PDF format )
Preserving resources of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, additional comments on S.744 (June 2013) ( PDF format )


Letter Opposing Immunity for Serving African Union Heads of State Re: African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (February 2015) ( PDF format )

Independence of the Judiciary

Mercedes Chocrón Chocrón v The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Inter-American Court of Human Rights, March 2011) ( PDF format )

Independent Account Controllers

Letter to the FTC commenting on proposed rulemaking regarding federal speculative position limits applicable to exempt and agricultural commodities (April 2011) ( PDF format )

Independent Directors

Letter to the SEC commenting on proposed recommendations to alleviate unnecessary burdens on independent directors of investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 ( PDF format )


Colonial Continuities: Human Rights, Terrorism, and Security Laws in India ( PDF format )

Indigent Legal Services

Report in Support, with Recommendations, of Int. 0958-2015, Which Relates to Client Satisfaction Surveys for City-Funded Indigent Legal Services (December 2015) ( PDF format )

Indigent Litigants

Comments on the Kaye Commission Report on Indigent Defense, May 2007 ( PDF format )
Report regarding S.8096/A.10447 which would amend the judiciary law to allow for the assignment of counsel to the indigent by the supreme court in proceedings over which family court has a jurisdiction ( PDF format )

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Letter to the Office of Court Administration regarding a proposal to amend the Criminal Procedure Law to codify claims of ineffective assistance of appellate counsel (March 2011) ( PDF format )
Report on A.2442/S.42 which would allow ineffective assistance of counsel claims via post-conviction motions (Reissued April 2013) ( PDF format )
Report on the codification of claims of ineffective assistance of counsel on appeal (February 2012) ( PDF format )
Report regarding S.4472 which would codify claims of ineffective assistance of appellate counsel (May 2011) ( PDF format )
Supplemental report on S.1345 which would allow ineffective assistance of counsel claims via post-conviction motions (Reissued March 2016) ( PDF format )


Dialogue on the Current Law and Proposals for Reform on the Use of Information From and the Disclosure of the Identity of Informants (August 2009) ( PDF format )

Infringement and Injunctive Relief

Amicus Brief: eBay Inc. and v. Merc Exchange ( PDF format )

Infringement Liability

Amicus Brief - Integra v. Merck ( PDF format )

Infringement, Willfulness of

Amicus Brief - Knorr-Bremse v. Dana ( PDF format )
Amicus Brief: In Re Seagate Technology LLC, filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, March 2007 ( PDF format )

Insurance Holding Company Provisions

Insurance Holding Company Regulation in New York in Light of the 2010 Amendments to the NAIC Model Act (August 2011) ( PDF format )

Insurance Law

Letter to Senator Bruno supporting Timothy's Law, enacting mental health insurance parity in New York State ( PDF format )
S5329/A8301 report in support of Timothy's Law and Mental Health Parity in New York State ( PDF format )

Insurance Regulation

Letter to the Department of the Treasury’s Federal Insurance Office commenting on the evolving role of the federal government in insurance regulation due to the passage of Dodd-Frank (December 2011) ( PDF format )
Letter to U.S. Department of the Treasury commenting on the EU-U.S. Dialogue Project’s Technical Committee Reports Comparing Certain Aspects of the Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Regimes in the European Union and the United States (October 2012) ( PDF format )

Insurance Regulation, Holding Companies

Letter to the New York Department of Financial Services concerning proposed amendments to Insurance Regulation 52, Holding Companies (June 2014) ( PDF format )

Insurers, Accounting Standards For

Letter to the Federal Reserve System regarding capital and accounting standards for certain insurers under the Collins Amendment of Dodd-Frank (December 2013) ( PDF format )

Intellectual Property

Antitrust "Market Power" and Intellectual Property: Why FTC and DOJ Action is Necessary ( PDF format )

Inter-American Convention

Letter to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations regarding the Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials (June 2009) ( PDF format )

Interactive data

Letter to the SEC expressing concern that reporting companies may not be prepared to meet the aggressive timetable for the mandated use of interactive data ( PDF format )

Interlocutory Appeals

Interim Report on Appeals of Interlocutory Orders (July 1986) ( PDF format )
Report on Appeals of Interlocutory Orders (March 1987) ( PDF format )

International Arbitration Awards

Recommended Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards Rendered Under the ICSID Convention (July 2012) ( PDF format )

International Arbitrations

Advance Waivers of Arbitrator Conflicts of Interest in International Commercial Arbitrations Seated in New York (March 2016) ( PDF format )
Obtaining Evidence from Non-Parties in International Arbitration in the United States (July 2010) ( PDF format )

International Arbitrations, Discovery in

28 U.S.C. § 1782 as a Means of Obtaining Discovery in Aid of International Commercial Arbitration - Applicability and Best Practices ( PDF format )

International Criminal Court

Letter to President George W. Bush Regarding the Inaugural Session of the International Criminal Court ( PDF format )
Report on the Proposed International Criminal Court
Statement to the Obama Administration's transition team regarding U.S. engagement with the International Criminal Court(December 2008) ( PDF format )

International Human Rights

Letter Expressing Concern over Continued Detention of Svetlana Bakhmina, Deputy General Counsel to YUCOS ( PDF format )
Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Regarding Blasphemy Laws (October 2015) ( PDF format )

International Trade

State's Rights v. International Trade: The Massachusetts Burma Law ( PDF format )
The Vienna Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade ( PDF format )

Internet Scams

Formal Opinion 2015-3: LAWYERS WHO FALL VICTIM TO INTERNET SCAMS (April 22) ( PDF format )


Letter to Congress regarding Section 102 of H.R. 4156 (The Orderly and Responsible Redeployment Appropriations Act of 2008) which would establish the United States Army Field Manual FM2-22.3 Human Intelligence Collector Operations as the standard for interrogation by all government personnel ( PDF format )
Report on A.5142/S.110 regarding electronic recording of custodial interrogations in felony cases ( PDF format )
Report on Proposed New York Court Rule Regarding Interrogatories ( PDF format )
Torture by Proxy: International and Domestic Law Applicable to "Extraordinary Renditions" ( PDF format )

Interrogations, False Confessions

Amicus Brief: State of New York v. Thomas (New York State Court of Appeals, December 2013) ( PDF format )

Invading Trust Principal

Report on A.8297-A/S.5801 which would permit a trustee to pay over the principal of a trust to a new trust even if the trustee does not have absolute or unlimited discretion to invade the principal of the trust (June 2011) ( PDF format )

Investment Advisers

Letter to SEC Requesting Guidance re: Retention and Production of e-mail by Investment Advisers ( PDF format )
Letter to the SEC setting forth a proposed policy and a set of procedures which would reasonably ensure the proper retention of e-mail containing Rule 204-2 information. ( PDF format )

Investment Companies

Comments on the SEC proposed guidance regarding the duties and responsibilities of Investment Company Boards of Directors with Respect to Investment Adviser Portfolio Trading Practices (October 2008) ( PDF format )
Letter to the SEC Regarding Independent Directors of Investment Companies ( PDF format )
Letter to the SEC Regarding Investment Company Governance ( PDF format )

Investment Management Regulation

Letter to the SEC commenting on an array of current issues relevant to the investment management industry (February 2009) ( PDF format )

Investment Securities

Letter to the SEC on File No. S7-35-11 Treatment of Asset Backed Issuers under the Investment Company Act (November 2011) ( PDF format )


Letter to Governor Paterson regarding funding of IOLA and Civil Legal Services in the 2010-2011 Judiciary and State budgets (March 2010) ( PDF format )
Letter to IOLA regarding proposed amendment to Section 7000.9(b)(1) of Title 21, NYCRR (January 2010) ( PDF format )
Letter to the New York State Senate and Assembly regarding funding of Interest on Lawyer Account Fund of the State of New York (October 2009) ( PDF format )
Testimony at New York State Senate Public Hearing on IOLA and the Future of Civil Legal Service in New York State (December 2009) ( PDF format )


Letter to the FDIC urging that IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer Trust) accounts be covered by the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP), regardless of the amount in the account (November 2008) ( PDF format )


Letter to His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President, Islamic Republic of Iran urging the release of Dr. Haleh Esfandiari from Evin Prison ( PDF format )
Letter to His Excellency Hojjatoleslam val Moslemin Sayed Mohammad Khatami President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Regarding the Imprisonment of Two Lawyers Which Appears to be Solely as a Result of Their Actions as Lawyers Defending Their Clients ( PDF format )
Letter to the Ambassador of Iran concerning human rights violations against sexual minorities in Iran ( PDF format )
Letter to the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations expressing concern with the incarceration of defense lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani (February 2012) ( PDF format )
Letter to the Iranian Ambassador expressing concern that statements made by the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, may be in violation of international law ( PDF format )


Letter to President Bush Regarding United Nations Charter Obligations Regarding Iraq ( PDF format )
Recommendations Related to the Trial of Saddam Hussein ( PDF format )

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