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Habeas Corpus

Letter to Senator Schumer expressing opposition to S. 1088 which would remove to a very substantial extent the federal courts' ability to grant relief when presented with meritorious federal habeas corpus petitions ( PDF format )

Hague Child Support Convention

Letter to Congress regarding enacting implementing legislation (S. 1870) for The Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance (January 2014) ( PDF format )


Letter to US Secretary of State re: UN Responsibility for Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic (April 2014) ( PDF format )


Dignity Now: The Campaign to Stop Bullying and Bias-Based Harassment in New York City Schools ( PDF format )


Letter from the Committee on Legal Issues Affecting People with Disabilities to the Joint Legislative Conference Committee on HAVA, May 2004 ( PDF format )
Letter from the Election Law Committee to the Joint Legislative Conference Committee on HAVA, June 2004 ( PDF format )
Statement regarding New York's failure to comply with sections 301 and 303(a) of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) which call for the creation of a computerized statewide voter registration list and the development of and implementation of voting systems standards including standards for accessibility for voters with disabilities ( PDF format )

Health Care

Letter to Congress urging the opposition of a final Conference Report that cuts services to children who rely on Medicaid for health care coverage ( PDF format )
Letter to President George W. Bush Regarding the US Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act of 2003 ( PDF format )
Letter to the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the ability of health care providers, insurers and health care institutions to refuse to provide health care services (April 2009) ( PDF format )

Health Care Facilities

Amicus Brief: McKinney v. The Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health, filed in the New York State Court of Appeals, October 2007 ( PDF format )

Health Care Flexible Spending Arrangements

Letter to the IRS commenting on (Notice 2012-40) whether the use-it-or-lose-it rule as applied to health care flexible spending arrangements (Health FSAs) should be modified (August 2012) ( PDF format )

Health care system

Letter to Governor Spitzer highlighting the most critical issues effecting New York's health care system ( PDF format )

Health Plans and Health Insurance Coverage

Letter to the IRS concerning group health plans and health insurance coverage relating to status as a grandfathered plan under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (August 2010) ( PDF format )
Letter to the IRS on the safe harbor for determining the affordability of employer-sponsored health coverage for purposes of the shared employer responsibility provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Car Act (December 2011) ( PDF format )

Health Services

Report expressing support for Intro. No. 826, the Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act (the "Clinic Access Bill") (April 2009) ( PDF format )


Report in support of legislation proposing a new CPLR § 4551 related to the admissibility of an opposing party statement (Reissued May 2016) ( PDF format )

Hedge Exemption

Comments on Swap Hedge Exemption Concept Release (May 2009) ( PDF format )

Hedge Funds

Letter Commenting on the Hedge Fund Report of the Staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission ( PDF format )

HIV Related Law and Policy Issues

Letter to the NYC Council commenting on recent policy changes in the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) division of the Human Rights Administration (June 2012) ( PDF format )

Home Buyers & Sellers

Memorandum opposing S.4744/A.7667 which would protect innocent homeowners from the loss of their homes as a result of certain predatory practices. ( PDF format )

Hong Kong

"One Person, One Vote": The U.S. Electoral System and the Function al Constituencies Embodied in the Basic Law for the Election of the Chief Executive and of the Legislative Council ( PDF format )
Legal Analysis of Certain Provisions of the National Security (Legislative Provision) Bill Pending Before the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( PDF format )
Letter Accompanying the Association's Report on the Provision of the Proposed Hong Kong National Security Act ( PDF format )
Letter to Chief Executive of Hong Kong Regarding Treatment of Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong (October 2014) ( PDF format )

Hospital Visitation Rights - Domestic Partners

Letter to the Department of Health and Human Services regarding visitation rights for same-sex domestic partners and other non-related visitors of hospital patients (Proposed Rules 42 CFR 482.13(h) and 42 CFR 485.635(f) (August 2010) ( PDF format )


Letter to the Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century expressing concern that the forthcoming Commission recommendations ( PDF format )

Housing Authority, New York City

Report on A.6964/S.4641 which would require that any disposition of land or buildings by the New York City Housing Authority be subject to and comply with the provisions of New York City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (March 2014) ( PDF format )

Housing Court

A Tenant's Guide to the New York City Housing Court - English ( PDF format )
A Tenant's Guide to the New York City Housing Court - Spanish ( PDF format )

Housing Court; Right to Counsel

Memo urging the City Council to pass an expanded version of legislation to provide access to counsel in Housing Court for low-income people facing eviction (February 2015) ( PDF format )
Report on legislation providing the right to counsel in eviction, foreclosure and/or ejectment cases in New York City which can result in the litigant’s loss of shelter (February 2015) ( PDF format )
Testimony before City Council in relation to Creation of an Office for Civil Justice (April 2015) ( PDF format )

Housing Discrimination

Disability Housing Rights and Building Codes of New York (April 2011) ( PDF format )

Human Rights

Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron urging UK government not to repeal Human Rights Act 1998 (November 2015) ( PDF format )

Human Trafficking

Special High-Level Event on Human Trafficking (February 2016) ( PDF format )

Humane Education

Report is support of New York City Council Resolution 497 which calls for the increased compliance with Section 809 of the New York State Education Law, which requires instruction on the humane treatment and protection of animals ( PDF format )
Report on A.10344/S.7848 which would amend the education law, in relation to classroom instruction in the humane treatment of animals and the requirement of training in the humane treatment of animals for the certification or licensing of classroom teachers ( PDF format )
Report on A.2484 which would require every school district to be notified of the existing requirement that elementary schools provide instruction in the humane treatment of animals, their importance in the environment, and the importance of spaying and neutering programs for the certification or licensing of classroom teachers, teaching assistants, pupil personnel service professionals, school administrators or supervisors or superintendents of schools (March 2013) ( PDF format )


Comment to Revised Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulation (December 2011) ( PDF format )

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