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Fair Housing Act

Amicus Brief: Township of Mount Holly, New Jersey v. Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. (U.S. Supreme Court, October 2013) ( PDF format )

Family Assistance

Letter to the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) urging OTDA to withdraw its proposal to amend section 350.4(a)(7) of 18 NYCRR which would require a family in receipt of Family Assistance ("FA") to wait a minimum of 45 days after their FA relief has expired before becoming eligible to receive Safety Net Assistance ("SNA") ( PDF format )

Family Care Leave

Extending Temporary Disability Insurance Benefits to Cover Family Care Leave From the Workplace (October 2011) ( PDF format )

Family Court

Introductory Guide to the New York City Family Court (February 2012) ( PDF format )
Report on Family Court Services in New York City ( PDF format )

Family Court and Family Law

Letter to Governor Spitzer commenting on the recently released Executive budget and urging continued support for child welfare programs and the Family Court ( PDF format )

Family Court Judges

Letter regarding A.8957, which would increase the number of Family Court judges (October 2009) ( PDF format )
Letter urging an increase in the number of Family Court judges in New York City and New York State (June 2009) ( PDF format )
Report on A.10615/S.07587 which would increase the number of Family Court judges in New York City and State over the next two years (May 2008) ( PDF format )
Report on A.8957-A/S.5968-A which would increase the number of Family Court Judges(April 2010) ( PDF format )
Testimony Before the New York State Bar Association Task Force on the Family Court on increasing the number of New York Family Court Judges in order to reduce the length of time a child is in foster care (January 2012) ( PDF format )

Family Health Care Decisions Act

Report on S.3164/A.7729 the Family Health Care Decisions Act (January 2010) ( PDF format )

Family Law Curricula in Law Schools

Survey of Family Law Curricula in New York City and Long Island Law Schools (January 2010) ( PDF format )

Family Leave Benefits

Report on A.3870/S.3004 which would extend temporary disability insurance benefits to cover family care leave from the workplace (Reissued March 2015) ( PDF format )
Report on the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act (S. 1810/H.R. 3712) (August 2014) ( PDF format )

Farm Animals

Report opposing S.5172 (the 'Ag Gag' bill), which would make it misdemeanor to unlawfully tamper with farm animals, including feeding, photographing or video recording farm animals (September 2011) ( PDF format )

Farm Animals

Report on S.1256/H.R. 1150 which would preserve the effectiveness of medically important antimicrobials used in the treatment of human and animal diseases (January 2014) ( PDF format )

Federal Circuit

Should Patent Jurisdiction be Removed from the Jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit and Returned to Regional Court of Appeal? (July 2015) ( PDF format )

Federal Courts

Letter to Congress regarding H.R.4764 (The Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill) that would provide a 5.9 percent increase in funding for the federal judiciary for the 2004-2005 fiscal year ( PDF format )
Letter to President George W. Bush Regarding the Volcker Commission Report ( PDF format )
Report on the Second Circuit’s Rule Regarding Citation of Summary Orders

Federal Judiciary Budget

Report on the Federal Judiciary Budget 2014 (December 2013) ( PDF format )

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

Report on Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (January 2015) ( PDF format )

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Proposals for the 2010 Duke Conference Regarding the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (April 2010) ( PDF format )
Report on Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (January 2015) ( PDF format )
Report on Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (February 2014) ( PDF format )

Federal Rules of Evidence

Report on Proposed Amendments to Federal Rules of Evidence (January 2016) ( PDF format )

Federal Securities Fraud Class Actions

Report on the Possible Impact of Halliburton II on Securities Class Action Litigation (May 2014) ( PDF format )

Fee Dispute Resolution Program

Letter to the NYS Unified Court System commenting on a proposed amendment to 22NYCRR § 137.1(b) which would exclude from the Fee Dispute Resolution Program any matters involving disbarred, resigned or suspended attorneys (May 2012) ( PDF format )

Fee Disputes

Recommendation Concerning Mandatory Arbitration of Fee Disputes in all Matters

Fee Sharing with Non-Lawyers

Comments on the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 proposed amendments to Rules 1.5(e) and 5.4 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (July 2012) ( PDF format )

Fellowship Programs

Top 10 Best Practices for Integrating Law Firm Fellows (March 2011) ( PDF format )

Female Inmates

Letter to Congress regarding holding the Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) accountable for its promise to continue housing women prisoners from the Northeast at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution (December 2013) ( PDF format )
Letter to the Federal Bureau of Prisons regarding plans to convert the FCI Danbury, the only federal facility for women post-sentencing in the Northeast, into a men’s prison (September 2013) ( PDF format )

Feral cats

Report on A.2778/S.1081 regarding funding of trap-neuter-return (“TNR”) programs for feral cats (Reissued January 2015) ( PDF format )

Fiduciaries, Resignation of

Report on A.7062/S.4272 which would amend the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act (SCPA) by removing the requirement that the fiduciary seeking to resign must file a judicial accounting (June 2013) ( PDF format )

Fiduciary Fees

Letter to the IRS commenting on Proposed Treas. Reg. Section 1.67-4 & Notice 2008-32 which addresses the exception to the 2-percent of adjusted gross income floor on miscellaneous itemized deductions for certain costs that are paid or incurred in connection with the administration of an estate or a trust and requests comments concerning certain aspects of the Proposed Regulations, including the use of safe harbors and reasonable estimates by fiduciaries for unbundling fiduciary fees. ( PDF format )

Filing Fees

Proposal for a Filing Fee Alternative for Ballot Access (July 2010) ( PDF format )

Filing Requirements for Foreign Corporations and Foreign Partnerships

Report Offering Proposals to Eliminate Duplicative or Otherwise Unnecessary Filing Requirements for Certain Interests in Foreign Corporations and Foreign Partnerships (September 2013) ( PDF format )

Financial Assets

Letter to the Financial Accounting Standards Board commenting on the revised exposure draft of proposed amendments to FASB Statement No. 140 relating to the transfer of financial assets ( PDF format )

Financial Reporting

Letter to the SEC commenting on the proposal to develop additional guidance for management regarding its evaluation and assessment of internal control over financial reporting (ICFR) ( PDF format )
Letter to the SEC providing comments on File #265-24, Report on Improvements to Financial Reporting (April 2008) ( PDF format )

Financial Reporting Requirements

Letter in response to SEC’s request for comment on financial disclosure requirements in Regulation S-X applicable to entities other than the Registrant (November 2015) ( PDF format )

Financial services

Statement to the Obama Administration's transition team regarding the regulation of financial services (December 2008) ( PDF format )

Financial statements

Letter to the SEC commenting on the proposal, Acceptance From Foreign Private Issuers of Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance With International Financial Reporting Standards Without Reconciliation to US. GAAP ( PDF format )

First Amendment, Reporter’s Privilege

Letter to Congress Regarding "Free Flow of Information Act of 2005" (H.R. 581/S. 340) ( PDF format )
Remarks by Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University, for the Benjamin N. Cardozo Lecture ( PDF format )
Statement of the Association of the Bar on the Need for a Federal Shield Law to Protect Reporters' Confidential Sources ( PDF format )
The Federal Common Law of Journalists' Privilege: A Position Paper ( PDF format )

Food Assistance Program

Report regarding A.7486/S.4349 and A.7639 which would extend and expand the New York State Food Assistance Program (FAP), which provides food assistance to hungry immigrants who are either elderly or victims of domestic violence ( PDF format )

Foreign Business in New York

Letter regarding A.9576/S.7078 which would provide that an application by a foreign business organization to conduct business in New York would constitute consent to the general jurisdiction of the courts of New York for all actions against that organization (June 2014) ( PDF format )

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The FCPA and its Impact on International Business Transactions – Should Anything Be Done to Minimize the Consequences of the U.S.’s Unique Position on Combating Offshore Corruption? (December 2011) ( PDF format )

Foreign Investment

Bilateral Investment Treaties - Evolution or Regression? ( PDF format )

Foreign Law, Proof of

Proof of Foreign Law after Four Decades with Rule 44.1 FRCP and CPLR 4511 ( PDF format )

Foreign Libel Judgments

Report is support of S.6687/A.9652, the Libel Terrorism Protection Act ( PDF format )

Foreign or Sharia Law

Amicus Brief: Awad v. Ziriax (US Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, May 2011) ( PDF format )
The Unconstitutionality of Oklahoma Referendum 755 - the "Save Our State Amendment" (December 2010) ( PDF format )

Foreign Private Issuers

Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) commenting on proposed amendments (File No. S7-04-08) by the Commission to amend Rule 12(g)under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 which relates to foreign private issuers. ( PDF format )
Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”) commenting on proposed amendments (File No. S7-05-08) by the Commission to the rules relating to foreign private issuer reporting under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. ( PDF format )

Foreign Sales of Patented Products

Amicus Brief, Lexmark International v. Impression Products, Inc. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)(June 2015) ( PDF format )

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Tiering and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act After Dole ( PDF format )

Foreign Trusts

Letter to the IRS commenting on Foreign Account Tax Compliance under the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of 2010 as it relates to trusts and trust beneficiaries (June 2011) ( PDF format )
Letter to the IRS commenting on propose regulations which pertain to the required reporting of foreign financial assets on Form 8938 (November 2012) ( PDF format )

Forming a Charitable Organization

Early Action Checklist for New and Smaller Charities ( PDF format )

Foster Care

Letter to the New York State Office of Children and Family Services regarding the Standards for the Provision of Adolescent Services for Foster Care Youth (November 2009) ( PDF format )
The Permanency Legislation of 2005: An Unfunded Mandate — Critical Resource Needs for New York City’s Children and Families ( PDF format )

Fraud Suits

Amicus Brief: Gabelli v SEC (U.S. Supreme Court, November 2012) ( PDF format )

Freedom of Expression

The Right to Freedom of Expression on the Internet as it applies to Social Media in Africa (March 2016) ( PDF format )
United Nations Resolutions on Religious Hate Speech: The Impact on Freedom of Expression (June 2014) ( PDF format )

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