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Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples in New York ( PDF format )
Same-Sex Marriage | Civil Rights / Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights / Sex and Law

Mass Incarceration: Seizing the Moment for Reform (September 2015) ( PDF format )
Mass Incarceration | Executive Committee / Mass Incarceration, Task Force on

Materials from Program: Running Out of Water? The Future of Water Supply, Quantity, and Quality, June 3, 2009
Water Supply | Environmental Law

Mediation Standards Checklist
Alternative Dispute Resolution | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation: Through the Eyes of New York Litigators (February 2011) ( PDF format )
Mediation Survey | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Medical Marijuana in New York: Following the Issues into 2010 (Including Transcript of February 2007 City Bar Program) (April 2010) ( PDF format )
Medical Marijuana | Drugs and the Law

Memo in support of Assembly Bill A7847 in relation to the hiring of ex offenders and negligent hiring claims ( PDF format )
Labor and Employment | Labor and Employment Law

Memo in support of State Bar proposal to repeal state veil-piercing law (January 2016) ( PDF format )
Piercing the corporate veil | Corporation Law

Memo urging the City Council to pass an expanded version of legislation to provide access to counsel in Housing Court for low-income people facing eviction (February 2015) ( PDF format )
Housing Court; Right to Counsel | Pro Bono and Legal Services / Housing Court

Memorandum and Recommendations on Justice Court Technology ( PDF format )
Justice Courts | Town and Village Courts Task Force

Memorandum concerning certain aspects of the 2014-2015 New York State Executive Budget dated January 20, 2014 (March 2014) ( PDF format )
Budget - NYS Executive | Estate and Gift Taxation / Trusts, Estates & Surrogate's Courts

Memorandum in opposition to proposed local law, Intro. 504, that would amend the New York City Human Rights Law to require apartment cooperative boards to set forth in writing specific reasons for withholding consent to the sale of an apartment ( PDF format )
Cooperative Apartment Purchase/Sale | Cooperative and Condominium Law

Memorandum in Response to New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Advisory Opinion TSB-A-15(1)M relating to single-member limited liability companies and New York's Estate (December 2015) ( PDF format )
Estate Tax | Estate and Gift Taxation

Memorandum in Response to NYS Department of Taxation and Finance Technical Memorandum TSB-M-15(4)(M) re: treatment for NYS estate tax purposes of certain deductions allowable under Federal law for funeral and estate administration expenses (April 2016) ( PDF format )
Estate Tax | Estate and Gift Taxation

Memorandum in support of A.4204/S.1840 and A.3692 which would direct the Department of Health to perform annual reviews of the Department of Correctional Services' policies and practices regarding human immunodeficiency virus ("HIV" and hepatitis C virus ("HCV" care and prevention and would amend the definition of "Hospital" in Article 28 of the Public Health Law to include correctional health facilities ( PDF format )
Prisons | HIV/AIDS

Memorandum in Support of Marriage Equality (June 2011) ( PDF format )
Same-Sex Marriage | Estate and Gift Taxation

Memorandum in support of S3441 ( PDF format )
Trusts estate and gift taxation | Estate and Gift Taxation

Memorandum opposing S. 3330-A/A. 6212-A which would amend the agriculture and markets law, in relation to making it unlawful to force feed birds under certain circumstances unless it is modified to make the unreasonably long implementation period of 11 years shorter ( PDF format )
Animals Used for Food, including Downed Animals | Animal Law

Memorandum opposing S.4744/A.7667 which would protect innocent homeowners from the loss of their homes as a result of certain predatory practices. ( PDF format )
Home Buyers & Sellers | Real Property Law

Memorandum opposing the proposed federal medical malpractice reform legislation H.R.534/S.354 which would impose, among other limits, an artificial cap on non-economic damage recoverable in medical malpractice actions ( PDF format )
Tort Reform | Tort Litigation

Memorandum supporting S.2517/A.1280 which would amend section 96-b of the Agriculture and Markets Law to provide for the mandatory revocation of licenses of operators of slaughterhouses upon the failure of three consecutive sanitary inspections ( PDF format )
Animals Used for Experimentation, including Medical Use of Animals | Animal Law

Memorandum supporting S.2539/A.1641 which would amend the Agriculture and Markets Law to make it a class A misdemeanor to abandon an animal, whether such abandonment occurs in a public or a private place. This amendment is necessary because the current law only prohibits the abandonment of animals in public places ( PDF format )
Animal Cruelty | Animal Law

Memorandum to Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman regarding the implementation of the 50 hour pro bono requirement for New York State Bar admission (May 2012) ( PDF format )
Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission | Pro Bono and Legal Services

Mercedes Chocrón Chocrón v The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Inter-American Court of Human Rights, March 2011) ( PDF format )
Independence of the Judiciary | International Human Rights

Microchipping Dogs & Cats (Reissued November 2014) ( PDF format )
Companion Animals/Pets | Animal Law

Model Confidentiality Agreement ( PDF /Word )
Confidentiality Agreements | State Courts of Superior Jurisdiction

Model form of Contract of Sale -- Office, Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Premises plus Commentary ( PDF format )
Contract of Sale - Real Property | Real Property Law

Model Form of Contract of Sale – Condominium Unit (Explanatory Notes Accompanying Revisions)(February 2015) Word version can be found on the Real Estate Forms Page: ( PDF format )
Sale of Condominium | Cooperative and Condominium Law

Model Form of Contract of Sale – Condominium Unit (February 2015) Word version can be found on the Real Estate Forms Page: ( PDF format )
Sale of Condominium | Cooperative and Condominium Law

Modernizing the State's Public Procurement Laws (May 2009) ( PDF format )
Public Procurement Laws | Construction Law

Mortgage Loan Opinion Report
Mortgages | Real Property Law

Motorola v. Standard Chartered (New York Court of Appeals) (July 2014) ( PDF format )
Separate Entity Rule | Banking Law

Moving Backwards on Reform: How the Latest Amendments to Restrictions on Personal Use of Campaign Funds May Exacerbate the Problem of Misuse (April 2016) ( PDF format )
Campaign Contributions | Government Ethics and State Affairs

Multiple Representations; Corporations and Corporate Constituents
Ethics | Professional Ethics

Music Rights Primer ( PDF format )
Music Rights | Entertainment Law

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