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Factoring Transportation Efficiency into Governmental Procurement of Goods in New York State (March 2011) ( PDF format )
Environmental Policy | Transportation

Federal Role in Terrorism Insurance
Terrorism | Insurance Law

Fees; Nonrefundable Retainers; Advertising of Fees; Competence
Ethics | Professional Ethics

File No. S7-38-04; Release Nos. 33-8501; 34-50624; IC-26649; International Series Release No. 1282 Securities Offering Reform ( PDF format )
Securities | Securities Regulation

Filling United States Senate Vacancies in New York (May 2010) ( PDF format )
Election Law | Election Law

Firm Names; Letterhead
Ethics | Professional Ethics

First Amendment Considerations for Judicial Campaigns: The Impact of Republican Party of Minnesota v. White on the New York State Code of Judicial Conduct ( PDF format )
Judicial Conduct | Government Ethics and State Affairs

Flier Alerting New Mothers that Federal and State Law Provides them with the Right to Pump Breast Milk at Work IN ENGLISH ( PDF format )
Workplace Accomodations, Pregnant Women | Sex and Law

FOIL Letter to NYC DOE re. Single Sex Classrooms (November 2015) ( PDF format )
Single Sex Classrooms | Sex and Law / Education and the Law

Follow up letter to Congress expressing continuing concern that the Conference Report on the proposed Patriot Act reauthorization bill fails to ameliorate the most serious threats to civil liberties in the original Patriot Act ( PDF format )
Terrorism | Civil Rights

Follow-up comments on additional amendments to S.744 (May 2013) ( PDF format )
Immigration Reform | Immigration and Nationality Law

Follow-up letter to the US Senate Committee on Finance regarding the Committees December 2006 report on certain provision of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 relating to charitable gifts ( PDF format )
Charitable gifts | Estate and Gift Taxation

Foreign law firm; holding out as partnership; firm name; letterhead and professional cards
Ethics | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2005-04: Communications with Insurance Adjusters in Litigation Where the Insurance Company is a Party
Ethics | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2005-05: Unforeseeable Concurrent Client Conflicts
Client Conflicts | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2005-3: Voluntary Attorney Testimony Concerning Former Clients
Confidentiality | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2015-2: Nonrefundable Monthly Fee in a Retainer Agreement ( PDF format )
Nonrefundable retainers | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2015-3: LAWYERS WHO FALL VICTIM TO INTERNET SCAMS (April 22) ( PDF format )
Internet Scams | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2015-4: Duties of Local Counsel (May 2015) ( PDF format )
Local Counsel | Professional Ethics

Formal Opinion 2015-5: Whether an Attorney May Threaten to File a Disciplinary Complaint against Another Lawyer (June 2015) ( PDF format )
Disciplinary Threats | Professional Ethics

Format Change for Standards of Attorney Conduct in New York ( PDF format )
Attorney Conduct | Professional Responsibility

Fugitive Client; Illegal Conduct; Client Instructions; Civil Representation
Ethics | Professional Ethics

Funding in 2015-2016 Executive Budget to Support Legal Representation and Social/Educational Services for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children (December 2014) ( PDF format )
Deportation Proceedings, Legal Services | Immigration and Nationality Law

Further Utilizing the Zoning Resolution to Create a More Sustainable New York City, Better Prepared to Adapt to Climate Change (September 2011) ( PDF format )
Sustainability | Land Use Planning and Zoning

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