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Boot Camp: Basic Training for Lawyers (Day 1 of 2)
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 1:00 pm-5:35 pm


Member ($110) Free to students and alumni of sponsoring law schools Non-Member ($295)
5 CLE Transitional/Non-Transitional NY CLE Credits in Professional Practice Available

This two-day program is being offered to provide recent law graduates and current law students with career planning information as well as practical and substantive insights into the practice of law. Whether seeking a job at a large or small law firm, in government or public interest, these sessions will provide information that will help you achieve success when you join a firm or other legal employer. See below for full program details.

Presented by the City Bar Center for CLE, the Committee on Career Advancement and Management, and the Committee on Law Student Perspectives.

This Program is Free to the Students and Alumni of Sponsoring Law Schools

Day 1, Tuesday, September 20

1:00-2:30 pm The Effective Job Search

Regardless of the economy, knowing how to conduct a thorough, effective and informed job search is a lifelong skill every attorney should master. The search process is particularly challenging for newly graduated law students who may have little hands-on experience and smaller networks. This panel will teach recent graduates effective job search techniques that will help you leverage the skills, experience and contacts you already have to find a job. Our experts will share timely insight into the process and answer your job search questions.

Moderator: Joey Silberfein, Senior Career Advisor, Shannon & Manch

Panelists: Rachel Littman, Assistant Dean for Career Development and External Relations, Pace Law School; Gil Allison, Managing Director, Preferred Transition Resources; Amanda Ellis, Vice President of Search, Special Counsel; Moya O’Connor, In-House Counsel, Library Mutual Insurance Company

No CLE Credit available for this program.

2:45-3:25 pm Ready to Start - Your First Assignment: Your role, their expectations, and how to succeed as a junior associate
How do you get the good assignments? And what is a "good" assignment? What are the firm's expectations of you? And how do you parlay your assignment into a step forward in achieving your career goals?

This session will give you the tools to hit the ground running, take the first steps in defining and achieving your goals, and help you avoid the common pitfalls of a junior associate.

Presenters: Eve Birnbaum, Founder and Principal, Eve Birnbaum Associates; Kirby Chin, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

No CLE Credit available for this program.

3:40-4:30 pm Effective Representation in Corporate Legal Practice
In this session you will learn information, not generally taught in law schools, that will help you become an effective corporate practitioner, including how to understand your client’s needs, general questions to ask before drafting corporate documents, understanding your role in any negotiation, and developing skills that will contribute to your success.

Presenter: Glenn Schoenfeld, Counsel, Danziger, Danziger & Muro, LLP

1.0 Transitional/Non-Transitional NY CLE credits in Professional Practice will be provided for this session.

4:45-5:35 pm Drafting a Research Memo
This program will review the entire process of preparing an objective research memo including gathering relevant facts, conducting effective research, preparing a focused and thorough legal and factual analysis, outlining your presentation; and drafting/revising your written analysis.

Presenter: Mike Lane, Shareholder, Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C.

1.0 Transitional/Non-Transitional NY CLE credits in Professional Practice will be provided for this session.

Day 2, Thursday September 22

1:00-1:45 pm Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Five Easy Steps

Many government and nonprofit lawyers stand to gain tens of thousands of dollars of student debt relief from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program established by the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. But the program requirements can be confusing. Heather knows how to break it down step-by-step so it makes sense once and for all.

From this presentation, you will learn:
• how the income-based repayment plan works, and
• how to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Heather will also answer your toughest questions about eligible loans, qualifying employment, tax consequences, and more.

Presenter: Heather Jarvis, Founder, AskHeatherJarvis.com

No CLE Credit available for this program.

2:00-4:05 pm Communicating Electronically and Interpersonally As An Attorney
In an employment setting, the way that you present and express yourself -- both through the internet and interpersonally -- is a critical aspect of how you are received and evaluated as a legal professional. This program will provide vital pointers and strategies designed to enhance your electronic and personal communications skills. It will also provide you with the tools that you need to convey information effectively, and to cultivate a confident, professional image that will enhance your success.

Presenters: Jeff Bannon, President & CEO, BusinessTalk; Jonathan I. Ezor, Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Business, Law and Technology (IBLT), Touro Law Center

1.5 Transitional/Non-Transitional NY CLE credits in Professional Practice will be provided for this session.

4:20-5:45 pm How to Succeed Inside the Courtroom: Basic Court Room Skills and Depositions
This program will improve the courtroom skills of law students and new lawyers. You may have taken trial practice in law school but do you really know how to prepare and structure an argument? Prepare a witness? Or anticipate what the opposing side will do? Panelists will discuss key areas of a trial including direct and cross-examination, taking depositions, introducing evidence and opening and closing statements. You will leave this course with confidence and be better prepared for the world of the courtroom.

Presenters: Muhammad Faridi, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP; Kenn Kern, Assistant District Attorney, New York County District Attorney's Office; Robin McCabe, Assistant District Attorney, Director of Legal Training, New York County District Attorney's Office

1.5 Transitional/Non-Transitional NY CLE credits in Professional Practice will be provided for this session.

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